John Lehal

Labour hopeful hires Lehal

22 July 2016

Labour leadership hopeful Owen Smith has assembled his campaign team and handed a key role to Insight Consulting Group boss John Lehal.

Smith has named Lehal as chief of operations in the...

Owen Smith

Smith’s lobbyist past examined

20 July 2016

As Labour leadership contender Owen Smith moves to play down his past as a lobbyist, industry figures have hit back of behalf of the trade.

Smith was confirmed as Labour’s unity candidate...

Katie Perrior

Perrior takes No 10 comms job

14 July 2016

Theresa May has appointed iNHouse Communications boss Katie Perrior as her director of communications in Downing Street.

Perrior was one of five special adviser appointments confirmed by...

Theresa May and Francois Hollande

What Europe makes of May

25 July 2016

The view from Brussels

In many ways, the shock of Brexit is still not fully felt in Brussels; perhaps because of the slow summer pace that characterises EU institutions in...


All politics is local - and public affairs should take note

17 May 2016

As the dust settles on the recent local elections and the recriminations and navel gazing begins for political parties, it is worth taking a moment to pause and reflect on the hugely significant...

Sun Shining through Cloud in London

Public affairs is alive and kicking in the UK

5 February 2016


The public affairs industry is alive, well and thriving in the UK. Despite what a few old dinosaurs might think.

It is, as it has always been, one of the most exciting areas...

Phil Hickley

Lunch with... Phil Hickley

22 July 2016

The tone of this interview was very different to most of the PAN interviews I’ve enjoyed over the past year.

Now please don’t take offence, previous lunch guests. I'm not necessarily...

William Walter

Lunch with... William Walter

10 June 2016

William and I kick off with a general discussion of the political scene and the challenges facing Labour.

"The fascinating thing is the challenge the Labour Party faces in getting any kind...

Liam Herbert

Lunch with… Liam Herbert

7 April 2016

My first PAN interview lunch with Liam Herbert met the fate of Richard Nixon’s Presidency – some excellent results, fatally undermined by regrettable recording gaps. So we reconvened to give it a...