Matthew Sinclair

Westbourne swoops for Sinclair

10 May 2016

Westbourne Communications has hired former TaxPayers’ Alliance chief executive Matthew Sinclair to be its first ever head of economics.

Sinclair has been brought in to provide “expert...

Spencer Livermore

BritainThinks brings in Livermore

9 May 2016

The polling and strategy firm Britain Thinks has hired the experienced Labour adviser Spencer Livermore to build a new consultancy offer.

Livermore takes on the new post having previously...

Luke Blair

LCA boss goes to college

5 May 2016

One of the top directors at the London Communications Agency is quitting to become the first vice president for communications and public affairs at Imperial College London.

Luke Blair...

Sun Shining through Cloud in London

Public affairs is alive and kicking in the UK

5 February 2016


The public affairs industry is alive, well and thriving in the UK. Despite what a few old dinosaurs might think.

It is, as it has always been, one of the most exciting areas...

European parliament in Brussels

Is the EU referendum debate any business of business?

6 January 2016

The debate on Britain’s membership of the EU looks set to dominate the politics of 2016. Can the business community sit out the EU referendum until it all blows over?

Many would like to. A...

Jeremy Corbyn

Richard Sloggett: Is there any point in engaging Labour on health?

25 November 2015

With the arrival of Corbynmania and a sense of doom and gloom among Blairites that we are entering a period of one-party Conservative rule there is a temptation to misread what this means for...

Kevin Bell

The man who doesn’t 'do cheap'

9 December 2015

For one of the heavyweights of the lobbying agency world, Kevin Bell has a surprisingly lightweight entourage these days.

The well-known Conservative-supporting lobbyist has spent more...

Robert Condon

Sketching out ambitious plans

15 July 2015

If some in the lobbying world are not familiar with Hume Brophy, Robert Condon is planning to change that over the next few years.

The PR and public affairs agency recently raised eyebrows...

Stephen Day

Conservative lobbyist seeks current and controversial clients

4 May 2015

In many respects, Stephen Day has a typical Tory lobbyist's CV. He was head of the Conservative Association at university before going on to work for a Conservative MP and then making the switch...

Liam Herbert

Lunch with… Liam Herbert

7 April 2016

My first PAN interview lunch with Liam Herbert met the fate of Richard Nixon’s Presidency – some excellent results, fatally undermined by regrettable recording gaps. So we reconvened to give it a...

Darren Caplan

Lunch with... Darren Caplan

7 March 2016

Darren Caplan loves planes. By which I don’t mean that he likes them. He *loves* them. Rather handy, given he’s chief executive of the Airport Operators Association…

So he’s quite busy...

Alex Challoner

Lunch with... Alex Challoner

20 January 2016

My lunch with Alex Challoner begins with the usual question –did you call the election result? And Alex is rightly smug but absolutely honest in his answer:

"We said a narrow Conservative...