Hilton signs for Policy Exchange

Written by David Singleton on 14 May 2015 in News

Prime Minster's former strategy director takes part-time post with Cameroon think tank

David Cameron’s former strategy chief Steve Hilton is joining Policy Exchange as a visiting scholar, three years after exiting British Politics.

Hilton, who has always kept a low public profile, is also giving a talk to the Cameroon think tank next week in which he will discuss issues he has explored in a new book.

The former senior adviser is the architect of the Conservative modernisation project and one of Cameron’s oldest political friends. As Cameron’s director of strategy, he masterminded the Big Society project and the Tory embrace of environmentalism.  

Hilton left Downing Street in 2012 to take up a role at Stanford University, California, and has stayed out of British politics ever since.

As a visiting scholar at Policy Exchange, Hilton will continue to live in California, where he is the CEO of the technology start-up Crowdpac.

In his book, More Human: Designing a World Where People Come First, he argues that the frustrations people have with government, politics and their economic circumstances are caused by deep structural problems in the systems that dominate our modern world.

On May 20, he will discuss the book with Charles Moore, columnist at The Daily Telegraph and authorised biographer of Margaret Thatcher, and is also expected to take questions.


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