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HOT TOPIC: Lobbying's reputation

We asked four PA pros who have held senior UK industry representative roles...: What specific practical measures would you suggest to improve the reputation of lobbying?

HOT TOPIC: UK government's planned 'business buddy' scheme

The Government is setting up a scheme to give ‘Britain’s top 50 companies’ ‘individually tailored relationships with senior ministers who will act as their “buddies”’, the Times has reported. What do top PA professionals think of the planned scheme?

High-speed rail

HOT TOPIC: Party conference cities

WE ASKED: What are the hottest public affairs issues in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester?


HOT TOPIC: Press regulation

WE ASKED: In the wake of so-called Hackgate, how do you think the press should be regulated?

European Parliament

HOT TOPIC: Transparency register launches in Brussels

WE ASKED: UK officials are to launch a consultation shortly on how Westminster’s statutory register (pledged by the Coalition in 2010) should work. What can they learn from the Transparency Register?

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HOT TOPIC: Communications bill consultation

WE ASKED FOUR AGENCY PA PROS: The Coalition has announced a protracted period of consultation in advance of the next Communications Bill. Is this a good thing for PA practitioners, or will everyone be ‘lobbied-out’ well before the bill hits the statute book?

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HOT TOPIC: European Parliament's split-seat (Brussels-Strasbourg) arrangement

WE ASKED FOUR BRUSSELS-BASED PA PROS: The ‘One Seat’ campaign – to base the Parliament permanently in Brussels – has existed for many years. But what should Europe do with Strasbourg if the Parliament was to move entirely to Brussels?

European Parliament

HOT TOPIC: European Parliament 'cash-for-laws' scandal

In the wake of the scandal, Dan Hannan MEP blogged: ‘A year ago I predicted that MEPs would be next in line for a sting operation. Since then all Conservative MEPs have published every meeting they hold with lobbyists. Extending this practice across the Parliament would help...’

UKPAC Launch

HOT TOPIC: UKPAC register launch

WE ASKED: How useful is the UK Public Affairs Council register?

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HOT TOPIC: NHS reforms

WE ASKED: The Health and Social Care Bill paves the way for GPs to control most of the NHS budget by 2013. What does this mean for pharma lobbyists?

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