Winn pulls plug on Pagefield move after chancellor calls

Written by David Singleton on 18 August 2017 in News

Giles Winn is now set to work for Philip Hammond

Sky News head of interviews Giles Winn has been signed up by the chancellor as a special adviser – weeks after agreeing to join Pagefield.

Winn was set to start at the PR and lobbying firm in September as an associate partner following eight years at Sky News, most recently leading the team that secures heavyweight political interviews.

But he has now taken a job working for Philip Hammond instead.  Winn has been signed up as a media adviser to Hammond, working closely with the chancellor’s top special adviser Poppy Trowbridge, who is also a former Sky News journalist, and Treasury communications director Will Garton.

Pagefield chief executive Oliver Foster put a brave face on Hammond’s raid.

“Pagefield has a long and proud tradition of attracting amazing talent - the industry's best, in fact,” he told PAN.

“We've also built a bit of a tradition in providing the occasional trampoline from agency to once-in-a-lifetime opportunities elsewhere – whether that’s Stig Abell who went on to become managing editor of The Sun, Kate Levine, who went to head up the Body Shop’s communications, or Simon Redfern whose impact on Starbucks' political and media reputation has been game-changing.”

Foster added: ““We hadn’t expected the trampoline to take effect quite so quickly before Giles actually started in post, but his move to HM Treasury is absolutely no surprise to us – he is one of London’s finest, nicest, and most respected professionals with a work ethic and brain that is second to none.

“The government – and chancellor in particular – has made a very astute appointment here and, above all else, we are so incredibly happy for Giles who we know will be truly outstanding as a special advisor.”


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