Watch: PRCA boss Francis Ingham eats the lobbying register

Written by David Singleton on 15 August 2017 in News

Two years ago, Ingham boldly predicted that no MPs would feature on the lobbying register. He was wrong….

"I’ll have what he’s having," said none of the diners at Shepherd’s restaurant as Francis Ingham got stuck into his first course.

Back in 2015, lobbying registrar Alison White confirmed that MPs and peers who accept money to influence ministers would need to register as lobbyists.

But the PRCA director general was somewhat sceptical about whether this would ever happen.

"Given that MPs are barred already from lobbying for profit, this piece of advice falls into the 'interesting but utterly irrelevant' category of life," Ingham boldy asserted.

"I confidently predict that not one single MP will appear on this register for as long as it exists. If they do, I will eat the register in its entirety, in Shepherd's restaurant in Westminster, the few pieces of paper it entails softened only by a glass or two of the House of Commons' cheapest house white."

Two years later, veteran Labour MP Barry Sheerman has become the first serving politician to be officially registered as a lobbyist.

And Ingham has made a promising start on his pledge…








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