Top U.S. lobbyists link up with UK firm to advise on free trade

Written by David Singleton on 23 July 2018 in News

 Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign chief Terry Nelson heads up FP1 Strategies.

London-based political communications firm Public First has announced a partnership with leading Washington D.C.-based agency FP1 Strategies.

The link-up is aimed at helping businesses understand forthcoming UK-US negotiations on a new Free Trade Agreement. Public First and FP1 expect to offer clients a range of services to prospective clients, including political analysis, opinion research, economic modelling, and campaigns. The two agencies will help businesses to understand any proposed deal, and to influence the content of any deal.

Public First founder James Frayne said: “Britain and the US are politically committed to a deal but negotiations will be chaotic and often brutal. While negotiations will be influenced by hard-headed economic analysis, local politics and public opinion will be critical. Businesses need to engage in the discussions around these negotiations on that basis. By coming together, we can provide a seamless service which understands Birmingham, Alabama as well as it understands Birmingham, West Midlands, and is at home on Capitol Hill as much as it is Westminster.”

Frayne is a former director of policy and strategy at Policy Exchange. He has previously held senior posts at Portland, Westbourne and was director of communications for the Department for Education under Michael Gove.

FP1 was founded in 2011 by US lobbyists including Danny Diaz, who was campaign manager for Jeb Bush for President, and Terry Nelson, who was the political director of the Bush-Cheney 2004 campaign.

Nelson said: “President Trump has expressed a strong commitment to reach an agreement and we believe it makes sense for the business community to work together turning that commitment into reality.  Clearly, as the discussion progresses, there will be a focus on achieving greater economic growth for both countries.”

Diaz said: “American and British businesses have a unique opportunity to shape these negotiations and ensure the eventual agreement is crafted in a way that helps drive economic activity in both countries.  A wide range of stakeholders stand to benefit from a bilateral agreement, but it’s important they have their voices heard early and often.”

To mark the launch of their partnership, Public First and FP1 are releasing a new YouGov poll of public attitudes on both sides of the Atlantic to a proposed Free Trade Agreement. The poll shows that clear majorities in both countries favour a deal being made.



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