Public First picks up Policy Exchange researcher behind major reports

Written by Rod Muir on 17 October 2017 in News

Jonathan Dupont ‘is one of the brightest minds in London’, according to his new firm.

Policy Exchange researcher Jonathan Dupont has joined Public First as the recently-established agency grows its "policy team".

Dupont has quit the well-known think tank to become director of research and policy at the shop set up last year by former Portland and Westbourne lobbyist James Frayne and ex-government education adviser Rachel Wolf.

He joined Policy Exchange in April 2014 as a research fellow in the economics and social policy unit. In that time, he has authored numerous major reports for the think tank on subjects including the new industrial strategy, making aid more effective and reforming Britain’s environmental policy and approach to farming after Brexit. He has also co-written multiple books on public policy.

Commenting on the hire, Wolf said: "The government is permanently desperate for ideas. It's time for companies to move from often paper-thin thought leadership to credible, thought through policies that are practically and politically adoptable. 

"We are building the best policy team in the country and Jonathan - who has been responsible for many of the most seminal think tank publications of recent years and is one of the brightest minds in London - is core to that."

Dupont said: "Public First are unusual in how seriously they take policy design. I’m really excited to be helping them to develop a policy team to help clients unravel their most complex problems."

The latest hire comes after Public First hired Whitehall comms chief Gabriel Milland earlier this year. Milland is a former political correspondent for the Daily Express and head of communications at Policy Exchange. He went on to be head of communications at the Department for Education.

Frayne also recently worked at Policy Exchange as director of policy, immediately before setting up Public First.




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