Labour's 'indispensable' policy chief resurfaces at Teneo Blue Rubicon

Written by David Singleton on 6 August 2018 in News

Simon Jackson was among a wave of senior Labour departures earlier this year.

The former Labour policy chief seen as “the eyes and ears of the party” has resurfaced at Teneo Blue Rubicon a few months after leaving Labour HQ.

Simon Jackson quit as Labour's director of policy and research in March this year amid reports that he had been attacked by allies of Jeremy Corbyn. He joined Teneo Blue Rubicon as an associate director six weeks ago but the hire has been kept under wraps until this week.

Jackson previously worked for Labour as a policy officer then as head of policy development. He took charge of policy and research in 2010.

When he quit earlier this year, a senior source told HuffPost political editor Paul Waugh: “In the 18 years Simon Jackson worked for Labour he essentially became the eyes and ears of the party. He could spot mistakes a mile off on policy and knew how they would play out in the media.

“His quiet self assured style, political judgment, policy expertise and advice has made him indispensable. He is one of the hardest workers and without him I worry what will happen to the Labour Party’s output”.

The move means that the Labour stalwart will form an unlikely partnership David Cameron’s former communications director Craig Oliver who joined Teneo Blue Rubicon in 2016 as a senior managing director.

Also this week Teneo Blue Rubicon announced that it had hired Fiona Thorne, former chief executive of Fishburn Hedges, as senior managing director.

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