Headland hires Labour aide Jack Smith in latest public affairs push

Written by Rod Muir on 30 January 2019 in News

The move was previewed in last week’s lobbying lowdown memo.

Headland has confirmed the hire of Labour aide Jack Smith, saying he will “cut through the mass of data available today to produce useful, actionable insight”.

Smith joins Headland with immediate effect from his role as a senior adviser on elections and platform planning at Labour HQ.

Headland used to be known as a financial and corporate specialist but the agency has recently been making a name for itself as a serious player in public affairs. It has done so by winning big name accounts such as Pret A Manger and Airbnb and hiring former Number 10 aide Ben Mascall. Now the agency is following in the footsteps of many rivals by attempting to boost its Labour credentials.

Smith's move was previously in PAN editor David Singleton’s weekly lobbying lowdown, sent out on Friday. It stated: “Headland has just hired long-serving staffer Labour Jack Smith. At least that was the word from his leaving do at The Clarence in SW1 this week.”





Before joining Labour HQ, Smith worked in a variety of campaign management roles in the trade union movement. At Headland, he will focus on the agency’s use of data to plan and execute campaigns. He will also advise clients on political engagement across Westminster and Whitehall. 

Chris Salt, CEO of Headland, said: “Jack has a really compelling mix of strong analytical capabilities and political insight. He understands how to cut through the mass of data available today to produce useful, actionable insight. To have a proven record of doing this in what is currently one of the most demanding arenas in Britain is a great testament to his skills. It’s fantastic to welcome him and we’re excited to introduce him to our clients.”

Smith commented: “The coming months are set to be some of the most transformative and challenging for business and society in Britain. Understanding the mood of Westminster and the wider public will be vital for our clients. I am delighted to be joining Headland at this time to further their offer and bring my political knowledge and insight to bear.”



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