Gallagher resolves to promote lobbying

Written by Rod Muir on 21 April 2017 in News

'Backroom boy' changes his stance on tackling industry's image problem.

A leading agency boss has vowed to spend more time promoting the “amazing” work done by PR and lobbying professionals.

Pagefield founder Mark Gallagher has revealed that he made a New Year’s resolution “to get out there a bit more and to promote and to defend the joint professions of public relations and lobbying”.

Gallagher was speaking out as he appeared on Jazz FM as its as its weekly ‘business shaper’.

The comments come five years after Gallagher told PAN editor David Singleton that he was not interested in spearheading a lobbying industry fightback.

“I'm not a front man,” he said when interviewed in 2010. “I enjoy being a backroom boy.”

Speaking on Jazz FM this week, Gallagher made it clear that he had changed his mind since his comments in 2010.

He said: “We get a terrible rep, we have a terrible press. And the reality is that in that work lots of us do for a lot of amazing clients, and previously for amazing employers, we’re on the side of the angels. We’re doing great work but it’s not the kind of work that gets much publicity and that’s why I’m very keen to talk about it in places like this.”

Asked why he believed his profession was a good one, Gallagher said: “We make the world a better place.”

The agency boss added: “If you look at some of the campaigns we’re working on at Pagefield now and some of the things that I’ve worked on in my corporate life at ITN – a good example I spent most of my time running lobbies that protected ITN’s journalists and other journalists around things like freedom of expression against poorly drafted, often maliciously drafted, legislation from civil servants who wanted to deliberately restrict journalists’ expression of freedom.

“What’s not to like about that? But it needs to be talked about and for people to know about it.”

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