Downing Street signs up Heineken lobbyist for digital post

Written by David Singleton on 24 November 2017 in News

Mario Creatura is the second public affairs figure to enter Number 10 in recent months.

Heineken public affairs manager Mario Creatura has been brought in to Downing Street as a digital special adviser.

Creatura is also Conservative councillor in Croydon and a former parliamentary aide to Theresa May’s chief of staff Gavin Barwell.

His arrival at Number 10 comes as the Conservative look to take a more pro-active approach to social media, in response to successful online campaigning by groups such as Momentum. The prime minister’s political Twitter account has already stepped up its activity levels with a 26 tweets on the day of the Budget - which was more than the past eight days combined.

This week also saw Conservatives MPs including chairman Patrick Mcloughlin using asocial media to rebut claims that Tories voted against recognising animals as sentient beings. Posting a video, McLoughlin insisted: “That’s rubbish! We’re doing great things for animal welfare, here are the facts.”

The Tory chairman’s account also pumped out 21 tweets on Budget day.

Creatura joined Heineken in 2015 and has stated on LinkedIn that his job included managing campaigns and “building relationships with politicians, political opinion formers, trade associations and other key stakeholders”.

He is the second public affairs figure to enter Number 10 in the last few months, after former Bellenden managing director Nikki Da Costa took up the newly-created position of director of legislative affairs in September.

Others have moved in the opposite direction, with senior aides Will Tanner and Nick Hargrave both quitting Downing Street after the election and taking up jobs at Portland.



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