Vince Cable's spin doctor moves from exotic spresms to ‘special situations’

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 26 November 2018 in Diary

How appropriate that Mark Leftly is now in a 'special situations team'...

Financial PR firm Powerscourt has hired the Liberal Democrat leader's spinner as a senior consultant, it has been reported this week by a rival outlet.

Sound familiar? That would be because PAN revealed ages ago that Vince Cable’s press secretary was on the move. To Powerscourt.

"It emerged last week that Mark Leftly was set to leave the Liberal Democrat leader’s office. He declined to say where he was going… but PAN has established that he will be joining Powerscourt," stated our report back on 20 September.

It's fair to say that Cable did not set the world on fire while Leftly was spinning for him. But he did at least give his beleagured spokesman a lively send off by fluffing the key line in his closing speech at the recent Lib Dem conference.

The party leader memorably grabbled the wrong kind of headlines by referring to an "exotic spresm” rather than an “erotic spasm”. Gary Lineker was among those relishing the gaffe, saying he might be "in danger of having an exotic spresm" due to his excitement about a Champion's League match. 

Eleven weeks later, the hot news from Powerscourt is that Leftly has joined the “special situations team” at the PR firm. Mr Stakeholder wonders whether he will he ever deal with a situation more special than spinning Cable’s exotic spresm…




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