Tory lobbyist and potential MP is labelled ‘Keith Chegwin look-a-like’

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 14 January 2019 in Diary

This could be even worse than being called a Westminster insider...

Late last year, this column reported on Paul Bristow getting the nod to be the Conservative party's parliamentary candidate for the marginal seat of Peterborough.


With a by-election possibly on the cards in Peterborough in 2019, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to call out the PRCA public affairs board chair for being a lobbyist. And so it came to pass at the end of last week.


“Looks like Tories chose a Westminster Lobbyist @paulbristow79 for any Peterborough By-Election,” tweeted one rival pollical party.


The good news for the PB Consulting boss is that the rival political party is question is only the oddball English Independence Party, which has all of 138 followers on Twitter.


The bad news is that the so-called political party also has potentially more damaging lines of attack – including calling Bristow a “Keith Chegwin look-a-like”


The offending social media post was first picked up on Friday in our editor’s weekly lobbying lowdown memo. To be fair to Bristow, he is taking it on the chin








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