Iain Anderson shows how to use the cheat codes on Question Time

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 25 January 2019 in Diary

Were you up for the Cicero boss?

We all know the cheat codes for appearing on Question Time. The surefire way to get cheered on by the crowd is to lay into a few politicians. 

As a lobbyist who could do with keeping parliamentarians onside, that option was sadly unavailable to Cicero Group chairman Iain Anderson when he appeared on the show last night. Or was it?

“I’ve been following politics for most of my life and I think this is the most dismal parliament I’ve ever seen,” he asserted, to sustained applause.

Having somehow attacked all politicians without actually really attacking a single one of them,  the affable Cicero boss got his second round of applause when he got more personal:

“The signal that James Dyson has sent this country is abysmal!”





When the chat moved off Brexit and on to mental health, Anderson utilised a second cheat code to get his third round of applause - calling on the government to spend more money on a popular public service.

“Prevention is better than cure and we need to get our politics to fund mental health more."

But Mr Stakeholder’s favourite intervention from our man came when hapless former DexEu minister Suella Braverman claimed she hadn’t ever been involved in Brexit negotiations. 

“What does DexEu do?” asked Anderson, quite reasonably.

All things considered it was a bravura debut by the Cicero chief that will surely have a few rival agency bosses getting on the phone to BBC producers. Or heading to Specsavers.

“I think the audience are clapping his funky new specs,” texted one industry figure as the show aired last night.




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