Helen Munro finds her voice as Hume Brophy finally confirms new signing

Written by Mr Stakeholder on 9 November 2018 in Diary

Chris Whitehouse’s number two is 'excited' about a move that PAN revealed 12 weeks ago.

Back in the height of summer, PAN unleashed a scoopette about Hume Brophy pouncing for The Whitehouse Consultancy managing director Helen Munro.

But when we dropped Munro a line about it in August she was not exactly forthcoming. The senior lobbyist declined to comment and even appeared to query our impeccable sources. 

“I don’t know where you heard this,” she said.

Ten weeks later, Hume Brophy has finally confirmed that Munro is indeed joining – as managing director for the UK. It means she will oversee the agency’s “strategic corporate affairs offer” which apparently brings together its specialist public affairs, corporate and financial communications, regulatory intelligence and digital services teams.

And no longer is Munro keeping quiet about the new job. In a statement she said was “excited to join Hume Brophy, a growing business with increasing global reach that provides high quality integrated services to clients”.

She also declared: “Communications has become integral to many companies seeking to ensure they are positioned to shape the environments in which they operate, and during these coming years this will be distinctly important.”

We don't know where she heard this...




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