Jo Johnson has a vision of the UK becoming 'a nation of lobbyists'

7 December 2018

Napoleon Bonaparte famously called England “a nation of shopkeepers”. More than 200 years later, could it be time to change the record?

On the Today programme, Jo Johnson appeared to...

Cavendish boss gets an appetite for 9.15am breakfast food ban

4 December 2018

Cavendish Place has had the Starbucks account for two years now. The coffee giant was picked up from Finsbury following a keenly-fought competitive pitch in 2016 and is a major client for the...

Vince Cable's spin doctor moves from exotic spresms to ‘special situations’

26 November 2018

Financial PR firm Powerscourt has hired the Liberal Democrat leader's spinner as a senior consultant, it has been reported this week by a rival outlet.

Sound familiar? That would be...

Daniel Koski: Why Government must embrace the smartphone state

12 November 2018

In Paris they are familiar with revolution. So it is apt that world leaders including Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau are gathered in the city today for the first GovTech Summit....

Chris Rogers: How we got Philip Hammond to freeze spirits duty

6 November 2018

The politics of this year’s Budget were hardly conducive to even a freeze in excise duty on alcohol, including much-loved UK produced spirits like Scotch Whisky and gin. The Chancellor had to meet...

Nick Pickles: Nick Clegg will do much more than lobbying for Facebook

24 October 2018

The interplay between government and industry is one I’ve long been sceptical of, especially where procurement or specialist regulation is involved. There should be a much more robust framework to...

Lunch with... Jon McLeod

6 December 2018

My opening question to Jon McLeod is my usual sarcastic one: what shall we talk about? To which most people respond with a weary resignation ‘Brexit'. But not Jon, who says football.


Lunch with... Leon Cook

16 October 2018

Until earlier this year, Leon Cook was a director at APCO Worldwide. He is also a former communications director at the European Azerbaijan Society. He and I caught up over lunch at the usual...

Lunch with… Chris Rumfitt

5 September 2018

Chris and I sat down to lunch as division tortured the Tory Party; claim and counter-claim tortured the Labour Party; and much to their chagrin, nobody appeared fussed enough to torture the Lib...